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Welcome to the WorkMonger Blog

Welcome to the WorkMonger Blog!  At WorkMonger, our goal is to streamline the hiring process for great organizations and talented people to find each other, all while serving causes that make a positive impact on the world. This blog will be an avenue for us to dig deeper into that process.  You can expect to find everything from commentary and analysis to tips and best practices included in this blog.  We’ll explore a variety of topics, such as navigating the transition from the private sector to the social sector, negotiating a better compensation package, and how to structure work on your terms.  Expect to hear the stories of some of our successful job matches as well – always good to hear from others to spark ideas.  So, in short, we hope that this blog becomes part of your routine.  Have a topic that you’d like us to dig into on the blog?  Email us at [email protected].

Our first official blog post will be the week of March 9th.  Stay tuned!

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