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Tiers of Service

Overview of WorkMonger

WorkMonger is the talent search firm for the education sector specializing in non-teaching positions. WorkMonger provides services from recruitment to selection for entry-level to c-suite level positions, and will customize to best fit your needs, for as little or as much support as you’d like. WorkMonger provides marketing and promotion, excellent customer service, and is the parent to the only non-teaching focused education job board, TrulyHired.

The Mission-aligned Approach

At the core of our team and talent services is the deep belief that all children deserve access to an equitable and excellent education that ultimately prepares them for a successful life of their choosing. WorkMonger has a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and makes it a priority to help place individuals who reflect our communities that we serve. Additionally, WorkMonger implements recruitment and selection practices to ensure equitable processes and experiences for candidates and partners alike. To date, over 50% of our hired candidates self-identify asBlack, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).

The Cost-effective Hiring Solution

WorkMonger delivers on promised results. We believe all organizations should have opportunity and access to top talent, we offer affordable and transparent pricing options. You choose the level of support that fits you and your team, so you only pay for what you need. 

WorkMonger provides customized solutions and affordable pricing, which means you can leverage expert recruitment services for any level of hire or role. Most education-sector recruitment firms charge 30-35% of first-year compensation for a placement. On average, that adds up to more than $30,000 in fees. 

We’re different. Our full-service recruitment options begin at only 10% of first-year compensation, making WorkMonger the most affordable full-service recruitment organization in our sector for academic roles (principals, school leaders, curriculum design, instructional coaches, etc) and non-academic roles (data, finance, fundraising, marketing, operations, strategy, talent, etc). 

The WorkMonger Community

WorkMonger believes we need talented individuals in all areas of the education sector to truly move the needle towards an equitable and excellent education for all students. We serve all organizations, including public charter schools, school districts, non-profit organizations, foundations, education support and wraparound networks, education technology companies, and state agencies. You’ll be in great company. Not ready to partner up, however, still want more exposure for your open roles? Check out our job board, TrulyHired.

Pricing: Up-front Engagement Fee + % of first-year 
compensation: $500 + 12.5%
Additional Hiring Fee: 12.5%
For When: Candidate sourcing to supplement your efforts
Personalized service
Need someone as soon as possible
Struggling to find the right candidate
Juggling too many openings
Lack expertise to fill the role
The position needs filling right now
Need specialized leadership or technical talent 
Need Support across the entire recruiting cycle
You have a board-lead search or are seeking key executive officers
Services: Scan & Match
Aggressive Headhunting
Marketing the position on job boards
Management and engagement of Board of Directors
Management and engagement of community and stakeholders
Utilizing our personal networks
Screening all candidate resumes regardless of source
Initial interview questions for phone screenings
Scheduling initial phone screens
Conducting phone screens
Detailed notes and recommendations after initial screen
Designing the complete selection process
Creating interview questions
Scheduling each stage of the process
Designing work samples/performance tasks
Developing in-person interview sessions
Reference checks
Operational support and advising throughout the process
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Custom Packages

*Note: Hiring Fee is contingent upon hiring ANY individual for the position

TrulyHired™ Job Board

The largest non-teaching job board offering traditional job postings.


Complimentary Trial Free Post Unlimited Roles for Free for a Month
Single Post 249 One 90 day standard post.
Boosted Single Post 499 Includes one boosted post as either an add-on to an unlimited package or single post purchase.
Unlimited Monthly 249/mo Includes one boosted post per quarter of subscription. Post Unlimited Roles. Automatically import jobs from your ATS to the jobboard!
Unlimited Yearly 2499/yr Includes four boosted posts per year. Post Unlimited Roles. Automatically import jobs from your ATS to the jobboard!
Unlimited All-Access 3499/yr Includes eight boosted posts per year. Post Unlimited Roles. Automatically import jobs from your ATS to the jobboard! Includes two engagement fee credit that can be used for any level of executive search with our talent partner workmonger.com

For When:

Y​ou are managing your own sourcing and selection efforts - but you need a place to market your role to a diverse, mission-aligned audience


  • Affordable option to market your role
  • A talented, diverse, mission-aligned audience
Post Your Role on TrulyHired™

Custom and Consulting Packages

I​nterested in a custom search, bulk packages, or consulting services? We’ll custom create a solution that meets your needs — saving you vital time, money, and resources for your mission-critical work.

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