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Downloading Tapping into Top Talent in a Changing Hiring Climate!

Tapping into Top Talent in a Changing Hiring Climate is the first step towards finding qualified education talent in a competitive hiring landscape. 

Ready to hire efficiently from a specialized pool of talent? WorkMonger’s speed, affordability, and proprietary algorithm provide a powerful solution for the education sector to find top talent for mission-aligned organizations.

WorkMonger provides the necessary tools for employers in the education sector to successfully find qualified non-teaching candidates, even as the hiring landscape shifts.  

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The Solution to Finding Qualified Candidates

With extensive education sector experience, affordable pricing, and a network of 40K+ JobSeekers, WorkMonger has a service for all of your hiring needs—even in a changing hiring landscape

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“We have been fortunate to hire critical team members alongside WorkMonger. As a leader of a new team in a new organization, I benefited greatly from the expertise and capacity the staff at WorkMonger added to help me build a best-in-class team”

Courtney Isaak, Good Reason Houston

Your One-Stop Shop For Hiring Qualified Non-Teaching Talent

The ability to attract and retain great talent is critical for achieving your mission. That's why today's smartest organizations are applying proven resources and best practices to ensure they secure the talent they need, quickly and cost-effectively by turning to K-12 education recruiters.

WorkMonger is an online, profile-driven, algorithm-enabled, recruiting service for hiring non-teacher positions in the broader Pre K-12 education sector. We provide the best-in-class recruiting support you need to find the people who will drive your organization's mission forward.  

A Cost-Effective Hiring Solution: Did you know that most education recruiting and education-sector executive search firms charge between 30-35% of first-year compensation for a placement? For the average role, that costs more than $25,000!

WorkMonger believes that all organizations should have access to the best talent, so we offer affordable and transparent pricing options where you can select the level of support you require so you only pay for what you need.

We Know Talent & We Know Education: Every one of our team members has direct experience within the education sector so we are uniquely positioned to understand and meet your needs. Our mission is to transform the education sector by revolutionizing the way education organizations and professionals connect for meaningful non-teaching jobs. 

Attracting & Retaining The Best Fit For Your Education Organization

WorkMonger applies a world-class process for attracting the absolute best talent to advance your education organization's goals. A complete approach to talent and strategy helps us stand apart and keeps our clients ahead in today's highly-competitive market for non-teaching talent.

Our 4 keys to success include:

Algorithm-Assisted Sourcing Process

Organizational Alignment

Robust Candidate Screening

Education Talent Intelligence

We know the top professionals, what they earn, where to find them, and when they are available. We also understand their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.

We invest the time to understand your organization and culture. Our holistic approach enables us to assess your requirements, and we work with you to establish a compelling employee value proposition that is positioned to attract top talent.

We screen candidates through a solid qualification process, including resume matching, behavioral interviews, and supervisory reference checks. We can also perform certification verification and background checks.

By leveraging our network of over 40,000 candidates interested in non-teaching roles in the education sector and our proprietary algorithmic matching system, we increase our speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your hiring needs.

3 Easy Steps To Find Top Talent

We’ve made connecting with qualified candidates for your roles easier than ever before: 

Step 1: Request a Talent Consultation

Step 2: Register as an Employer in Our Portal

Step 3: Connect with Qualified Candidates!

We provide personalized support throughout the entire process. We will work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

We make it easy to submit and manage your roles and searches online. Simply create an employer profile and follow the easy step-by-step process to submit your role.

Your talent consultant will be your point of contact for the search and selection process. You’ll start receiving candidates ready to review quickly, saving you time and money while reducing the stress of the hiring process.

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The WorkMonger Difference

Like other K-12 sourcing firms and education headhunters, WorkMonger can provide full-service talent sourcing and selection services to ensure you successfully close a hiring process with the right new addition to your team.

But we’re different in the following ways: 

Speed: Sure, you could recruit and build your own talent pool, but we’ve already done that for you. We have a pool of over 40,000 talented professionals specifically looking for roles in education. As K-12 education headhunters, we are always recruiting so you don’t have to! 

Outsourced Support: Face it – hiring is a lot of work. Whether you have a lean team, or you’re simply hiring for a lot of roles, sometimes you can just use an extra set of hands. At WorkMonger, as an education recruitment agency, Employers can outsource talent acquisition to us and simply wait for a shortlist of qualified candidates to show up in their inbox. 

Quality. Guaranteed.: We are committed to providing services that meet or exceed our employer partners needs and requirements by providing education placement services and serving as K-12 education headhunters for education administration.  

Data & Technology-Enabled, With a Personal Touch: We utilize our proprietary matching algorithm to compare our community of tens of thousands of education professionals with your organization and role. Our team of talent experts then manually review each and every potential JobSeeker match and confirm their interest in advance, giving you the best of both worlds: the power (and lower price!) of data and technology, coupled with expert, personalized service.

A Commitment to Diversity: At WorkMonger, we value diversity. We know you do, too. We make it a priority to recruit JobSeekers who reflect the communities your organization serves. We are an education leadership recruitment agency that can help you identify the diverse talent required for your organization.  

Talent You Wouldn’t Otherwise See: In addition to traditional active JobSeekers, we also have passive JobSeekers in our pool – those professionals who aren’t actively looking for a new job, but would switch for the right opportunity. These JobSeekers probably wouldn’t see a posting on your website or a job board, but they have completed our JobSeeker profile and could be a match for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organizations does WorkMonger work with?

We work with all types of organizations in the broader education sector, including: school districts, public charter schools, community colleges, foundations, government agencies, support organizations, education technology companies, policy/advocacy organizations, and more. 

If your organization (or a team within your organization) is working to ensure children have access to an excellent education, either directly or indirectly, we want to work with you. Check out some of the Employers we have worked with here. 

Does WorkMonger only match full-time roles? What about part-time or project-based work? 

Thus far, the majority of our submitted roles have been traditional full-time roles. However, we also believe that the workforce and workplace are changing, giving way to an increasing number of professional part-time, short-term, or independent contracting gigs. 

So, if you are looking to fill a non-teaching role that is part-time or project-based, many of our JobSeekers are looking for those opportunities as well. 

What geographic area does WorkMonger serve? 

We are nation-wide with JobSeekers and Employers all across the country. Our JobSeekers can specify which geographic areas they are willing to work in, including indicating that they would move anywhere for the right role or that they are only seeking virtual work. 

This maximizes the JobSeeker pool we are able to access for each of your roles. As for the WorkMonger team itself, we’re based in Austin, Texas. 

Do WorkMonger JobSeekers all have prior work experience in education? What about the private sector? 

Our JobSeekers have all types of professional backgrounds. Many of our JobSeekers fall into one of two categories: (a) former educators looking to transition outside of the classroom or (b) non-education professionals looking to transition from the private sector into the education sector to make a greater impact with their careers. 

We also have many JobSeekers who are currently non-teaching professionals in education who are simply looking for their next role. We know that in certain roles, you may be seeking a candidate with teaching or education-related experience, but in other roles you may value private sector experience (or both). Bottom line, no matter what type of candidate you are looking for, we likely have a JobSeeker for you! 

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