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Tapping Into Top Talent
In A Changing Hiring Climate

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A Shifting Environment

In the post-pandemic landscape, acquiring top talent is proving to be a concern for employers. Top prospects now have additional leverage, forcing companies to compete for qualified candidates.
Even with these new hurdles, employers within the education sector can still locate talented candidates. But it will require using the right tools, resources, and partnerships to find the top talent for their mission-aligned work.

Our FREE guide takes a deep dive into the current challenges facing educational organizations and the strategies that will help you weather the storm.  

A Brief Guide to Finding Qualified Candidates

This quick guide covers everything recruiters need to know about finding qualified education talent in a competitive hiring landscape. 

4 Brief Chapters

Current Trends & Predictions

The Difficulty of Hiring Qualified Candidates

Tools to Locate Qualified Candidates

Data-Driven Hiring Solutions

Hiring top talent is currently a major concern for employers. Learn what trends the job market is seeing and how to stand out in the eyes of your ideal candidate.

Traditional recruiting practices are no longer cutting it when it comes to locating the most qualified candidates. Job posting sites like LinkedIn and Indeed fail to tap into the specialized talent your roles require.

With access to over 40,000 active and non-active jobseekers, WorkMonger’s streamlined data-driven platform saves time and resources when filling a role with the right candidate. 

With an algorithm-based system, the WorkMonger platform aligns candidates with the right educational organizations by going above and beyond resumes and tapping into in-depth profiles, access to diverse candidates, and more. 

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