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We’re committed to your lifelong career success for talented professionals like you. That’s why we’ve made getting hired even easier on our Career Platform—and it’s completely free to use. 

Built on our proprietary algorithms, we harness the power of data and technology to identify opportunities that are right for you with mission-driven organizations within the education sector. Whether you’re currently searching for an exciting new role, or simply looking to keep your options open, we have the resources to help you along the length of your career journey. 

Current Open Career Opportunities

 Director of Operations, Charter School

 Development Manage, Education  Nonprofit

 Principal, Charter School

 Data Analyst, School District

 Program Manager, Education Nonprofit

 Chief Operations Officer, Education Nonprofit

 Talent Associate, School District

 Curriculum Designer, Charter School

 Senior Director of Growth Strategy, Education Technologu Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organizations does WorkMonger work with?

We work with all types of organizations in the broader education sector, including: school districts, public charter schools, community colleges, foundations, government agencies, support organizations, education technology companies, policy/advocacy organizations, and more. If an organization (or a team within an organization) is working to ensure children have access to an excellent education, either directly or indirectly, we work with them. Check out some of the Employers we have worked with here.

What is a “non-teaching job in education”?

We focus on non-teaching jobs in the education sector, such as jobs in finance, operations, curriculum design, strategy, fundraising and development, program management, administration, policy, advocacy, principals and instructional coaches, human capital management, legal, information technology, facilities management, and more. Check out some of our JobSeeker success stories here to see examples of roles we’ve filled.

What level of roles does WorkMonger Match?

We focus on professional non-teaching roles – from entry level to executive. Most of our roles fall somewhere in the middle. All of our roles require at least a high school diploma or equivalent, most require a college degree, and many require a graduate degree, too.

Does WorkMonger only match full-time roles? What about part-time or project-based work?

Most of our jobs are traditional full-time roles. However, we also believe that the workforce and workplace are changing, giving way to an increasing number of professional part-time, short-term, or independent contractor project gigs. Therefore, we do our best to seek out those roles as well. Your JobSeeker Profile allows you to select which type of schedule and structure you are looking for, including an openness to full-time, part-time, and project work.

Do I have to have prior work experience in education?

No! Definitely not. Many of our JobSeekers fall into one of two categories: (a) former educators looking to transition outside of the classroom or (b) non-education professionals looking to transition from the private sector into the education sector to make a greater impact with their careers. We also have many JobSeekers who are currently non-teaching professionals in education who are simply looking for their next role. Many of our Employers do seek candidates with teaching or education-related experience; however, many are also interested in hiring candidates with private sector experience.

Bottom line, no matter what your background is, if you’re interested in helping ensure every child has access to an excellent education, you should complete your JobSeeker profile today!

If you are trying to improve education, why does WorkMonger focus only on non-teaching jobs?

Great question! At WorkMonger, we know that nothing within a school is more important than a high-quality teacher in front of each and every student. Standing behind every teacher are professionals running budgets, operations, human capital, data analysis, curriculum innovation, and policy. Education is a $1.5 trillion industry with complex managerial issues to address. We know from our team’s deep subject matter expertise that these support offices and organizations need innovative professionals to support great teachers from outside the classroom. That’s where we come in.

Why does WorkMonger only serve education? Will you be serving other causes in the future?

We serve education primarily because (1) we are deeply passionate about ensuring every child has access to an excellent education and (2) we have extensive expertise and networks in the education sector. At this stage in our organization’s growth, we realize that we can’t be all things to all people with excellence.

By limiting our focus to a specific cause (education), we can greatly increase the quality of our matches. Our long-term vision has not changed however; in future years, we plan to add additional causes in the social impact sector that we can serve. Stay updated on WorkMonger’s growth – follow us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

Why can’t I search a list of current job openings?

We don’t provide a list of our current job openings because we aren’t a job board. WorkMonger uses the data in your JobSeeker profile and the data in Employer and Job Profiles to match JobSeekers with roles utilizing our proprietary algorithm, which we are constantly refining to ensure the best matches. Then our team reviews the matches by hand. That means you don’t have to search job board after job board, city after city, hunting for your next role. You tell us about you, and we do the rest.

What geographic areas does WorkMonger serve?

We are nation-wide with JobSeekers and Employers from all across the country. In your JobSeeker Profile, you can specify which geographic areas you are willing to work in, including indicating that you would move anywhere for the right role or that you are only seeking virtual work. As for the WorkMonger team itself, we’re based in Austin, Texas.

Does WorkMonger serve international organizations or JobSeekers?

Currently, we only serve education organizations in the United States and those JobSeekers who have the proper authorization to work in the United States. We realize that there are children in need of an excellent education worldwide, and we hope to one day be able to expand globally to meet their needs as well.

Does WorkMonger guarantee that you’ll find me a job?

Unfortunately, no. While we have a deep and constantly growing pool of Employers and Jobs, at any given time there are a finite number of jobs we are filling. If you do not receive a match, it is not an indication of how awesome you are as a candidate. If you are not a match for one of our existing roles, we will continue to evaluate you for matches as new roles are submitted to WorkMonger on a rolling basis. Therefore, WorkMonger should not be your only method for looking for a job. But it only takes about 20 minutes to complete our JobSeeker profile, and it is completely free. So, you have nothing to lose – give us a try!

Is it confidential? Will my employer know I am job searching?

WorkMonger is 100% confidential. Just as JobSeekers cannot see open positions, Employers cannot see available JobSeekers. When we generate a match between a JobSeeker and an Employer, we always check with the JobSeeker first before sharing your information with Employers. We never share other personal information with anyone else for any reason.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, it’s really free – no catch! WorkMonger never charges to complete a JobSeeker profile and join our JobSeeker pool. Our Employers pay a fee when they successfully hire a WorkMonger JobSeeker, but JobSeekers pay nothing (in fact, we’ll give you a $75 Visa gift card if you get hired!)

We do offer some Support Services (resume and cover letter review, interview prep, and career coaching) exclusively to our JobSeekers for an additional charge. These services are completely optional and not necessary to be matched with one of our Employers.

Can WorkMonger help me rewrite my resume or cover letter, prepare for an interview, or with general career coaching?

Yes! WorkMonger offers additional Career Services, such as resume or cover letter review, LinkedIn strategy, interview preparation, and career coaching for a small fee. These services are completely optional and not necessary to be matched with one of our Employers. You can learn more and sign-up here:

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