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One Thing Hiring Managers Secretly Love That Will Set You Apart from Other JobSeekers

Job searching. It is the necessary (and sometimes, cruel) process we all must experience from time to time in the circle of life. You know the routine. You spend hours revising your resume, filling out numerous job applications and stressing yourself out over whether or not someone finds you interesting enough to call you for an initial interview.

It’s the game of chance everyone has to play but no one ever knows how to approach.

One of the biggest aspects of job hunting people worry about is their “Wow Factor”. Are you appealing enough or marketable enough to get the attention of the decision maker?

Today, we’re going to explore one factor hiring managers secretly love that will set you apart from other job seekers: location flexibility.

The concept of relocating can be a little daunting to some, especially if you have strong ties to your current location and/or you’re worried about uprooting away from your friends and family. But hear us out. Here are a few things to consider if the idea of relocation isn’t so far-fetched:

The More Flexible You Are – The More Attractive You Become

Being open to relocation is a huge plus for hiring managers and staffing agencies alike.

For example, if you’re using WorkMonger to find your next great job in education, location flexibility indicates that you are open to exploring different opportunities which ultimately results in more potential matches for you. This also expands the types of opportunities that you may receive. Different locations come with a myriad of diverse roles that you may have never had access to or even considered until you expanded your search.

Second, hiring managers may see your willingness to move as a sign of elevated seriousiness and dedication as it relates to taking your career to the next level. This mindset, combined with your credentials, experience and culture fit can catapult you ahead of the pack if you are already a strong candidate.

It’s not uncommon for hiring managers to go the extra mile to help someone relocate if they feel he or she would be a good fit. If there is explicit interest, organizations might be willing to:

    • Pay for relocation expenses
    • Implement more career advancement opportunities
    • Provide family and spousal resources and support
    • Offer flexibility in your transition

If you are offered a position in a different location, don’t be afraid to ask about your compensation options. Most employers know that moving is a big deal and they want your transition to go as smoothly as possible if you decide to join their team.

Move Where The Action Is

Location flexibility can also help you become more in tune with your respective field of interest.

When considering relocating for a job, researching the hot spots in your respective field can help your decision-making process. See if your area of interest and location falls somewhere within that list. Check the economic, social and political climate there to see how it will affect you and the work you wish to accomplish. Ask yourself will this new environment support or challenge what you’re trying to achieve? If it’s a challenge, are you up for it?

It’s always beneficial to be where the movement is happening. Where plans are being developed. Important conversations are being had. Dynamic collaborations are being made. And with your new job in your new location – you will have a chance to play a pivotal role in it all.

We asked our Founder, John Troy, to chime in on the topic and he gave us some insightful nuggets to reflect on:

Moving to a market that struggles to attract talent, or to a market that has a ton going on, can often allow you to obtain roles earlier in your career with less experience than you could otherwise. This can allow you to gain experience faster and climb the ladder more quickly than your peers in other markets. It’s also a great way to do really innovative work. As a bonus, many times these places have a lower cost of living too!”

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Until next time – Stand Out & Do Good!


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