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What We Do

At WorkMonger, we believe every job-seeker and employer has unique skills, personality, culture, availability, experience, education, and passion.  Online job searches don’t factor this in, and most of us can’t afford a personal job coach or a search firm. And have you tried lately to find a flexible, short-term or part-time job that utilizes your professional skills?  Far harder than it should be!

WorkMonger matches professionals with jobs that match their skills and their lifestyle at organizations that serve a cause that they care about.  Our employers partner with WorkMonger for access to talent quickly that uniquely meet their needs across a multitude of factors (skills, education, experience, mission-alignment, culture, and much more) while at the same time fitting their compensation and availability requirements. By providing organizations with the right worker right when they need them, and by providing the worker with the job that is uniquely right for them, WorkMonger maximizes productivity and flexibility in today’s workforce.

Who We Serve

Currently, WorkMonger focuses exclusively on serving the broader education sector, including school districts, non-profits, charter schools, foundations, think tanks, education agencies, and mission driven education enterprises such as education technology companies. We focus on non-teaching education sector jobs, including roles such as leadership, finance/accounting, operations, fundraising, data analysis, training, marketing, program design/administration, technology, curriculum design/academic support, and much more. By picking a specific cause (education) with which the WorkMonger team has deep subject matter expertise, we greatly increase the likelihood of successful matches. Our long-term vision, however, is to expand to serve the entire social impact sector, likely by adding new causes to our service one or two at a time.

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