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You Got Hired! How to Spend Your $75

Did you know that not only is WorkMonger free for JobSeekers, but that we actually PAY YOU when you find a job through us? That’s right – every successful WorkMonger JobSeeker who gets hired by one of our clients receives a $75 Visa gift card as our way of saying “Congrats!” So, the question is, what will you spend your $75 on when you get hired through WorkMonger? Here are 75 ideas to consider! And if you haven’t already signed up as a JobSeeker, visit this link to get started today!

Interested in helping your friend find their next non-teaching role in education? Refer them here – if they get hired by a WorkMonger employer you BOTH get a $75 gift card to celebrate!

  1. Dinner and drinks for you and your significant other or best friend
  2. 15 fancy drinks from Starbucks
  3. 35 normal coffees from Starbucks
  4. 6 trips to the movie theatre
  5. A pair of shoes
  6. 1000 pencils
  7. A WorkMonger resume consultation with some to spare
  8. 7 months of Amazon Prime, Hulu basic, or Spotify Premium
  9. A thank you gift to WorkMonger (hey, worth a shot, right?!)
  10. 2-3 tanks of gas
  11. A round of drinks for your friends
  12. 1 carrot at Whole Foods 🙂
  13. 1 72 ounce steak (plus all the sides) at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, TX (or eat it for free in an hour and keep your money!)
  14. A haircut with wash/dry and tip
  15. Two tickets and hotdogs at the ballpark
  16. 1 ticket to Six Flags and a small glass of lemonade
  17. 1 small tattoo
  18. 3 hours of paddleboard/kayak/canoe rentals
  19. 3 manicures
  20. 5 Kindle books
  21. 6 months worth of contacts
  22. A seaplane ride for one
  23. 5 taco party packs from Taco Bell
  24. A battery charger iPhone case
  25. 50% of a tandem skydive
  26. 3 months of a New York Times online subscription (crossword included!)
  27. 8 six-packs of beer
  28. 1 hour photo shoot
  29. Amazon Echo Dot and Firestick
  30. A Samsung VR
  31. 1 to 10 bottles of wine depending on how fancy your tastes are
  32. 50 avocados
  33. 21 Sprinkles cupcakes
  34. 3 animal onesies for adults
  35. A new video game
  36. 7 giant letter balloons from Party City to spell out CONGRATS
  37. A Godiva gift basket
  38. 5 sets of string lights
  39. 6 months of HBO NOW (1 free month + 5 paid months)
  40. 2 lip kits and 1 gloss from Kylie Cosmetics (Kylie Jenner’s line)
  41. A tent (or two)!
  42. A new set of sheets
  43. 10 burritos at Chipotle
  44. 50 sides of guacamole at Chipotle
  45. 2 door mats
  46. A month of utilities (depending on your housing situation)
  47. The adoption fee for a cat
  48. 28 funfetti cakes (cake mix + frosting)
  49. DIY Sushi Kit plus ingredients
  50. 2 label makers
  51. A Keurig
  52. 180 K-cups (12 for $5!)
  53. 15 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  54. A night or two of a babysitter (depending how high the rates are in your neighborhood)
  55. 70 items off of the dollar menu at McDonald’s
  56. A pizza party for you and some friends
  57. 8 rounds of mini golf
  58. A new set of pots and pans
  59. 600 hot dog buns
  60. 300 hot dogs
  61. 1 new ceiling fan without installation fee
  62. 5 shares of snapchat stock
  63. A dozen red roses delivered with vase
  64. New desk/office supplies from Target
  65. Many breakfast tacos
  66. 70 dozen eggs
  67. A sweet new desk chair
  68. 108 medium-sized Command strips
  69. A pair of 35 pound dumbbells
  70. 60 stress-relief candles from Bath & Body Works (they’re 4 for $5!)
  71. 150 pounds of bananas
  72. 7 beach towels
  73. An IKEA bookshelf to show off your book collection
  74. A ZipCar for a day
  75. Thousands of waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A

Have a better idea?! Don’t keep it to yourself – share it in the comments here!

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