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Montessori For All

Sara Cotner, Founder & Executive Director

“We needed help finding top talent for a unique position within our organization, and WorkMonger came to our rescue! They identified the perfect match for us. I highly recommend their team and their process.”

Finding talent for your team is time-consuming, expensive, and challenging. WorkMonger makes it faster, cheaper, and easier.

Below are some highlights from a few of our past Employer Clients


Sourcing top talent in the education sector can be challenging, but with WorkMonger, the process felt incredibly personalized and streamlined. The service they provided was exceptional. We were given quality candidates and quick, friendly responses to every inquiry. Thanks to WorkMonger, our organization made a key hire with a highly skilled and aligned individual. We look forward to continuing our relationship with WorkMonger for our future talent needs.
Courtney Tungate
Planning, Talent &
Operations Manager 

In aiming to fill a highly technical, director-level role, we turned to WorkMonger for recommendations. We were immediately thrilled by the slate of talent that WM brought to the table – so much so that we reached out a second time to fill a C-level opening. We cannot authorize and support excellent, equitable schools without elite internal talent; WorkMonger was – and will continue to be – a partner of SCPCSD in maintaining a top-tier strategy.
Rich Richards
Chief of Staff 

WorkMonger made things so easy.  They understood what we wanted in our ideal candidate. WorkMonger did a great job matching us with someone who had the right skill set and culture fit — not to mention passion for charter schools. I would definitely use this site again and recommend to others.
Dorothy Lee
Vice President of Client Management & General Manager of Southern California
Partnering with WorkMonger has enabled [email protected] to find talent with the right mix of skills, professional background, and a real passion for education. WorkMonger worked closely with us through every step of the sourcing process, matching us with hand-picked candidates based on our profile and following up to ensure that we were satisfied with the results. We look forward to a continued partnership with WorkMonger as we work to fill open roles in the future.
Alicia McCabe
Director, New Vision Fellows 


WorkMonger has been an invaluable partner in identifying key talent for the Research and Programs teams at Raise Your Hand Texas. Their experience in, and knowledge of, the education policy and advocacy realms represent a tremendous asset to organizations looking to expand their executive ranks with top performers.
Debra Salge
Chief Administrative Officer 
I really enjoyed working with WorkMonger! They took great care in matching us with high potential candidates. Usually the problem isn’t finding candidates, it’s finding the right candidates that have the skills, experience, and mindset. WorkMonger connected us tot he right talent and we look forward to partnering with them in the future.
Margery Weller
Manager of Talent 


WorkMonger played a huge part in helping us find our new Director of Talent Recruitment. The process was easy and the pricing was transparent without any hidden fees. As a start-up, we need all the capacity we can get, and WorkMonger definitely saved us time by vetting candidates to help us identify the right talent matches. We highly recommend WorkMonger as a partner to identify and hire great talent.
Allison Serafin
President and Founder
We’re proud of the work we do consulting at the intersection of market and mission in education. As we grow our business, finding the very brightest who are committed to making a lasting impact in education and ready to join us in our mission is of paramount importance. Workmonger is building with us a talent pipeline that delivers the tenaciously committed individuals we’re looking for.
Gates Bryant
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