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How to Recognize and Avoid Bad Hires for Remote Positions

Recent research suggests the negative impact of a bad hire in a remote position has been more severe during the pandemic. In a Robert Half survey, more than 75 percent of hiring managers reported hiring the wrong candidate for a role. Close to 65 percent of surveyed managers report increased costs associated with a bad hire. Below we discuss the costs of a bad hire, information about how to recognize a bad hire, and some tips you can follow to help you avoid hiring the wrong people for remote positions in the education sector.

How to Become an Inclusive Recruiter

Today's education sector requires a more intentional approach to increase inclusivity and diversity in hiring practices. The increase in remote positions makes it the perfect time for your education organization to improve inclusive recruitment practices. Ultimately, you don't want to increase diversity in your education organization for the sake of diversity. Becoming truly inclusive means identifying and reducing bias in sourcing, screening, and shortlisting candidates.
Diversity Hands Recruitment Search Opportunity Concept

4 Major Benefits of Using a Recruitment Firm

The labor market is tight across all sectors, making it especially challenging to find people to fill open positions in your education organization. In 2021, during the height of the global pandemic, employees between ages 30 and 45 resigned at the highest rates. Unfortunately, these high levels of turnover have continued in the education sector, creating added stress for teams as they work to accomplish their mission-critical work with fewer staff and on HR teams they struggle to fill roles in a challenging talent landscape.
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