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How the Gig Economy is Changing the Education Sector

This post was written by Liza Avramenko at Rallyware and originally appeared on their site here. An important trend that we are following in the overall job market is the movement toward the “gig economy.” There are fewer traditional 40-hour a week jobs with large benefit packages and more project-specific roles performed by independent contractors. Workers, especially the Millennial Generation, want more flexibility, room for a better work-life balance, and the ability to work from home or take time off. And employers are realizing that…

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56 Action Verbs to Spruce Up Your Resume

If there’s ever a place to make each word count, it’s your resume. With this limited space, it’s critical that each word packs a punch and conveys your experience and impact. While we’ve written before about general resume tips, it’s time to get specific with the powerful verbs you need to add to your resume immediately. Since WorkMonger serves the education space, we know many of our JobSeekers are especially concerned with how to portray school-based roles. These first couple of sections are verbs to…

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Are Performance Reviews Going Extinct?

Why the Private Sector is Blowing Up Performance Reviews & Why the Education Sector Should Too This post was co-authored by Suzanne Smith and John Troy. So it’s annual Performance Review time, again? Didn’t we just do this a year ago? You’ve probably read the headlines recently – IBM is Blowing Up its Annual Performance Reviews! Fortune 500 companies such as GE and Accenture followed and there was even discussion about performance ratings being ditched. It was an important conversation about the changing nature of work and…

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