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A Guide for JobSeekers During the Pandemic

With education organizations largely telling their employees to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, job seekers are finding that potential employers are switching in-person interviews to video or are pausing the search process entirely. This guide is designed to help you navigate the never-before-charted waters of finding a job in the education sector during a global pandemic. We begin with general tips to guide you while you search for jobs online, followed by in-depth information about how you should approach video interviews during…

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COVID-19 and Education Hiring: How and When to Hire During Periods of Crisis or Uncertainty

Introduction You are dedicated to the mission of your organization. You know that having the right people in the right roles is essential to delivering on this mission. While COVID-19 has forced some education organizations to reluctantly slash budgets and reduce staff, for other organizations you still have hiring you must do, such as due to prior turnover (perhaps your finance director quit in February) or preparing for the fall (schools need principals, whether they’re virtual or not). If you find yourself in the latter…

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WorkMonger’s COVID-19 Education Sector Guidebook

A Comprehensive Guide for Education Sector Leaders Click Here to Access The Real-Time Map Download a PDF Version of This Guide About The fast spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 poses major questions for education organizations around health, closure, travel, remote work, equity, and distance education. This poses an unprecedented situation that requires a variety of responses that differ based on if you are a school or are currently in an office-based environment. Therefore, we have compiled templates, guidance, ideas, and resources from contributors at top…

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Refresh Your Resume: 4 Questions to Ask When You’re Updating Your Resume

If you have been in the same position for a few years or longer, your resume has likely been gathering virtual dust. Whether or not you are actively seeking a new position, it's crucial to keep your resume updated. You might want to present yourself as an expert, an organization might want to give you an award, you might come up for a promotion at work, or you might lose your job. Updating your resume can reveal the gaps you have in your skill set…

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Attracting, Hiring and Keeping the Best Talent in 2020

In 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a mere 3.6%, a near 50-year low. Candidates were in the driver’s seat in 2019, fueling a war for top talent in the education sector. The U.S. economy set records in July for the nation’s longest-ever economic expansion, and thanks to robust hiring, the number of unfilled jobs hovered near an all-time high with more than 7 million vacant roles in the U.S. The competition for top talent in the education sector has never been higher. We…

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Retain and Attract Amazing Employees with a Culture of Gratitude

One of the best ways to fill a job is by keeping valuable employees from leaving their positions in the first place. Recruiting is only half the battle; once you hire them, you need to work just as hard on an ongoing basis to retain your talented colleagues. Everyone has a fundamental need to feel valued and appreciated, even though the exact manifestation varies from person to person. Meeting this basic need has positive effects in all types of relationships. When you take the time…

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